Service Physics Announces New Products

HD Video Camera

With LED lighting to replace the Wield Microscope. Full kit includes port adapter, re-entrant window, XY alignment, coaxial and off axis LED lighting with remote intensity control, measurement software and more. See full description in Hawk Products section.
Sure-Safe Loader

Stops gate valve from closing on the magnetic loader and damaging the sample platform. A hall effect sensor is used to since the position of the transfer drive magnet. The OK signal is connected to the internal logic of the Vacuum Control module. See full description in Hawk Products section.
By-Pass Pumping

Controller can be used to increase the reliability and efficiency of turbo-molecular pumping systems. Damage is often caused by too rapid pressure increase during back-fill of sample introduction chambers. Then time is wasted waiting for the turbo to return to operating speed during pump-down. During this process the ion gauge is also often left to turn itself off during the rapid pressure rise. The By-Pass Pumping system solves these problems. Check it out! See full description in Hawk Products section.