When an instrument stops working, the following services are available to aid with resolving the fault.



We have repaired and tested Electronic Boxes, X-Ray Guns, Flood Guns and other components in stock. To aid in fault isolation and to provide quick recovery of operation we loan or exchange these units.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Procedures and fault isolation Service Notes are available at no cost for Contract Customers.  A fee is charged for Non-Contract Customers.

Phone or Skype


Extensive online consultation, via Phone or Skype,  is provided at no charge to Contract Customers. 

The repair can be carried out at the customer site or at SPI

Factory Service

Service Physics Factory Instrument Repair Service

The faulty component may be shipped to SPI for repair

Standard Repairs

Service Physics  Instrument Repair Service

Standard refurbish, rebuild and test procedures are used on some components

The cost of repair can be covered by a service contract, hourly rate or fixed price.

Hourly Rate & Expenses


 Current hourly rates and expected expenses will be provided in a formal quote.  A purchase order form from the customer is required before shipment of parts, supplies or work is started.  Defective modules should not be shipped until the PO is accepted by SPI.

Fixed Price Repairs


Pictured is a rebuilt electron gun used to produce X-rays. Prices for refurbished or rebuilt components are included int he Parts Price List.

Parts, Supplies and Accessories


Service Physics Surface Science
SPI carries an extensive inventory of custom, OEM and standard repair parts for the SSI instruments. We are able to supply most parts from inventory.


Surface Analysis Supplies by Service Physics

For customer convenience, we stock microscope lamps, gridded phosphor screens, standard oxide thickness silicon wafers and preventive maintenance supplies



Standard and custom sample holders, charge control screens, isolated stages and other accessories are provided.