Service Contracts

Rapid response to problems at a minimum cost is the goal of our service contract design. This goal is best met when both customer and SPI work together to isolate the cause of a problem. From our experience the minimum annual parts and supplies cost, to operate an SSI ESCA, is $3500 per year. The cost averaged over a number of years is $5000. This is due to the fact that in some years more than one high cost part will fail. Preventative Maintenance supplies run about $2000 per year depending on system configuration. We understand that many customers are on a very tight budget yet the need for repairs are just as urgent. In response to this we have developed three levels of service contracts to provide differing levels of affordability.

The Basic Service Contract has a Material Allocation Account of $3500. Included in the contract are all Preventative Maintenance supplies. At This level we do not provide On Site visits. This level of support provides the security that you will have parts and supplies quickly and efficiently. We will work together to ensure you can isolate problems quickly and either fix problems at your site, use exchange parts or send us components for repair. We provide Loaners to keep you running during this time.

The Basic Contract includes: Free Skype and phone help, Knowledge Base access and loaner hardware. We recommend a GO-TO person take our maintenance class to facilitate the efficient use of this contract.

The benefits of routine care are:
Lower cost repairs.
Quicker Fault isolation.

The Standard service contract adds one (1) SPI Service Visit to the Basic contract and the Material Allocation Account is increased to $5000 to cover the average expected cost of parts. The cost of Preventive Maintenance supplies is included. The Standard Contract does not include Travel expenses as many large companies can obtain much better prices for flights, hotels and car rental. In these cases, direct payment by the customer can save considerable money. A travel, lodging and food option is available. The SPI Knowledge Base and free loaner program are included in the service contract. We recommend a GO-TO person take our maintenance class to facilitate the efficient use of this contract.

The Standard service contract insures preventive maintenance and scheduled performance alignment is performed. This provides the following advantages:

The instrument will produce reliable, quality data.
Fewer unexpected breakdowns.
Lower cost repairs.
Quicker Fault isolation.

The Premium service contract provides additional service visits, $8,500 Material Allocation Account and no requirement for a GO-TO person. With this contract the servicing of the instrument is provided by Service Physics without the involvement of the customer. The increase in cost reflects this shift away from a joint effort to maintain the instrument performance.