Auto Vacuum Control Detail

The vacuum control module provides two modes of operation.

  • Vacuum/Evacuate Load lock
  • Open/Close Transfer gate valve
  • Sample Stage Up/Down
  • Interlocked differential pumping port for Ion Gun

The automation of these functions has logic inputs available to
make use of improved interlock sensors.  The new sensors available
will monitor:

  • Location of transfer rod
  • N2 pressure
  • Load Lock Door closure
  • Prep Pump and Analytical Pump status
  • Two set points for each Vacuum chamber
  • At air sensors for each Chamber

These sensors will allow the Vacuum Control Module to provide automation

  • Shut off N2 when the Load Lock reaches atmospheric pressure
  • Dual mode pumping of Load Lock.
  • The Turbo is left at full speed at all times.
  • The Rough pump directly pumps the Load Lock to 10 Torr.
  • At this set point the Rough pump valve is closed and the pump is shut down. The Turbo valve
    to the Load Lock is opened.
  • Isolation of Ion Gun when Load Lock is opened.
  • Automatic Vent/Evacuate of Analytical Chamber for service.
  • The Front panel swings open to provide access to
    service operations.
  • Automatic restart after a power failure. This function
    can be turned off.
  • Full manual operation of each valve on the service panel.

The new control can be used with the existing instrument configuration.  It is also scalable for use with new pumping configurations.