Motion Control Upgrade

The Hawk Pneumatics Panel upgrade provides replacement of all components between the vacuum control box and the various valves and actuators of the pneumatic control system.  The panel design separates the pneumatic control functions from other gas and water plumbing.  This provides improved accessibility to the components on the solenoid panel.  A new tubing and fittings design is used to provide improved reliability and durability.

Components of the new system:

    • The four Model 2100 Indexers are replaced by the single 6K4 Controller. Fig 1.

    • The four Model M57-XX Drivers are replaced by E-AC Drivers.  Fig 2

    • The Model 8603 Joystick Controller and Joystick are replaced by a USB Joystick. Fig 3.

    • Model 430 indexer is replace in the ESCA Model 05 by use of a 6K6 controller.

    • The Motors are upgraded to obtain improved drive efficiency.  New lead screws and drive nuts are used all but Model 05 systems.

    • The Joystick, Drivers and Controller are shown in Fig 4.  These components are mounted on the chassis where the old Drivers were mounted.  Fig 5.  The same chassis holds all components for the Model 05 upgrade.  This 5.25 in rack can be mounted in the electronics rack or at the back of the instrument.

EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)

The new Motion Control System has reduced the electrical noise radiated from the motors.
This has resulted is the elimination of excess detector noise from this source.

  1. Motor leads have braided shield.

  2. Heavy-duty line filters are provided for each motor driver.

  3. Heavy-duty line filter provided for the 6K4 Controller.

  4. Shielded signal cables are used for cables between 6K4 controller and Drivers.

Outline of Upgrade Procedure

  1. Install dedicated Ethernet card in Computer. Upgrade Software to ESCA Hawk 7 EU.

  2. Computer requirements: Operating system Win XP.  RS232 Port, USB 2 port.

  3. Remove Driver Tray from back of ESCA. Disconnect old motors from drivers. Disconnect cables to 2100 Indexers.

      1. Remove old 2100 Indexers and Joystick controller from rack.

      2. Replace old motors with the new motors.

      3. Remove limit switch cable from connection on XYZR stage. Connect new cable between limit switches and 6K4.

      4. Connect Ethernet and RS232 cables to 6K4 and to computer.

      5. Install new Motion Control Tray at back of ESCA or in electronics rack. Note:  New Motion Control Tray comes completely assembled.

      6. Connect new Joystick to USB port.


  1. Continuous position readout on computer dialog.

  2. Limit log report generated during data collection. Shows if position table failed to reach positions during the data capture.

  3. Fault detection and reporting for each axis. If motor, motor driver, 6K4 controller or cable connection fail the software provides notification and alternatives.

  4. Any axis may be removed from service. The remaining axes continue to function.

  5. The home position may be established using joystick buttons.

  6.  Step next and Step previous buttons on joystick. These buttons are used to step through the position table while viewing sample through microscope.

  7.  Reliable, glitch-free communication between computer and 6K4 controller.

  8. Elimination of noise picked up by detector from motors.

  9. Precision, Hall effect sensors in the joystick provide long-term reliability.

  10. High efficiency motors are cool to the touch.

  11. All components are current technology and fully supported by manufacturer.

6K6 Controller for ESCA Model 05

The Motion Control Upgrade has been expanded to provide full Stage and Carousel control. The sample changing logic in the 8710 is integrated into the software that drives the 6K6 motor controller. This adds the following features:

  1. Eliminates the Model 430 indexer red light/green light  hassle.

  2. Stage Up/Down can be controlled from 8710 or manually via the Joystick.

  3. Sample handling limit and home conditions are monitored in software.  During manual control, dangerous conditions are flagged to stop motion.  The user can override flag and return to Joystick control.  This can be used to recover from non-standard situations.

  4. The logic for the stage home and carousel is improved.  The stage takes the fastest path to home and then makes a final motion to reach the center of the home cam.  This approach is also taken for carousel moves.  This removes the need for special encoders.  The use of the encoder lead to the red/green LED requirement.

  5. These Components replace all components of the original Compumotor System.  The upgrade also includes new motors and drive nuts.

Legacy upgrade components

Price and delivery $19,500

NT-2500-006 Motion Control System    $19,500


6K6 Controller

USB Joystick

Control of 4 Axis of Stage

Control of Carousel

5 each Motor Drivers

Power supply for 6K4, EMI filters.

ESCA 2000 E upgrade from EACA VB or 2000-G

INT-2500-011 Motion Control    $15,000
System 01, 206, M Probe


Rack mount assembly containing:

6K4 Controller

4 each Motor Drivers

power supply for 6K4, EMI filters.

ESCA 2000 E upgrade from ESCA 2000 G.

X, Y, Z and R motors, lead screws and nuts.

 Option MLS_1  Magnetic limit switch set for three axis (XYZ)


Replace micro switch limit switches with non-contact Hall effect magnetic position sensors.

Available 3 weeks