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Software converts physics into information.  We continue to apply new software technology to efficiently transform data into information.


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We approach Service as a partnership.  We provide phone support, loan modules for trouble isolation, parts, component repair and training.

Latest Technology – Super Hawk Upgrade

Super Hawk Data System

Super Hawk Configuration

Super Hawk Upgrade provides greater than 2.5X count rate over previous configurations. Included: “Dead aim” Auto Focus HD video camera system LED illumination system lens upgrade reconditioned detector reconfiguration kit. […]


We approach Service as a partnership. We provide phone support, loan modules for trouble isolation, parts, component repair and training.

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Service Physics Announces New Products

HD Video Camera

With LED lighting to replace the Wield Microscope. Full kit includes port adapter, re-entrant window, XY alignment, coaxial and off axis LED lighting with remote intensity control, measurement software and more. See full description in Hawk Products section.
Sure-Safe Loader

Stops gate valve from closing on the magnetic loader and damaging the sample platform. A hall effect sensor is used to since the position of the transfer drive magnet. The OK signal is connected to the internal logic of the Vacuum Control module. See full description in Hawk Products section.
By-Pass Pumping

Controller can be used to increase the reliability and efficiency of turbo-molecular pumping systems. Damage is often caused by too rapid pressure increase during back-fill of sample introduction chambers. Then time is wasted waiting for the turbo to return to operating speed during pump-down. During this process the ion gauge is also often left to turn itself off during the rapid pressure rise. The By-Pass Pumping system solves these problems. Check it out! See full description in Hawk Products section.

Service Physics News

2017 was a good year for Service Physics.

Zach picked up our technology fast and has been to many of your labs for Preventive Maintenance, installing new equipment and fixed some really tough problems. He is also working the phones and helping to isolate and provide solutions to problems.

This year we will be working on some exciting new products so check the web site often to see what we have in store for you.

This last year we picked up another instrument bringing our total to three working instruments. The newest is known internally as Zach’s instrument. He has the challenge of updating it with the new products we are developing. 

 You will be seeing pictures of some very exciting changes. We are attacking the 21st century with new concepts of how ESCA should look and perform.

Stay tuned!


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A Note from Our CEO

Service Physics, Inc. (SPI) was started in 1991 to provide maintenance and aftermarket products for the Surface Science Instruments line of ESCA/XPS instrumentation. The principals of SPI were involved in the R&D, customer service and management at Surface Science Instruments prior to its sale in 1987. We provide upgrades that keep the instrument’s technology current. The system serviceability is improved by updating obsolete components and new features are available as upgrades. Service Physics(SPI) has a unique perspective about instrument design. After servicing the original instruments over the last 30 years we understand what improvements were left to be accomplished and also why they have endured so long as solid instruments. The best features have been strengthened and the weak components have been replaced. Customers demand improved safety of operation and ease of use while maintaining reliability and ease of repair. The instruments have become robust, reliable work horses that provide even the novice with top quality information. Last year we introduced the exciting new Super Hawk XPS. The data rate is increased by more than 2.5 times. HD viewing and precision auto alignment are included. Please visit our site often to learn about the new products that will soon be announced.
"We provide parts, upgrade products and software through Technical Labo in Japan and Euroscan Instruments in Europe."